Welcome to the Game of Life Mastery Program 5.0

Please download the audio and pdf files for the Game of Life Mastery Program 5.0.

This version of the mastery program – 5.0 – did not flow in sequence of The Game of Life Workbook.  At the end of each class call, you’ll be directed to which chapter to read before listening to the next call.

This class can be experienced as a stand alone program without the workbook.

Every effort has been made to include all tools referrenced in the Mastery Tool Library from the original program.

Please know that even though I don’t know you, I fully believe you have the power within you to improve your life – no matter what it looks like right now.  I believe it is your birthright to create and live your version of heaven on earth!

Remember how powerful you are and use your power wisely to create the highest possible outcome, instead of fear filled chaos.

You can do it!


Class Call #1

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Class Call #2

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Class Call #3

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Class Call #4

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Class Call #5

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Class Call #6

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Class Call #7

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Class Call #8

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Class Call #9

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Class Call #10

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Mastery Tool Library

Audio & Worksheets

Quiet Your Mind Exercise shared with permission of The Chopra Foundation
Referenced in the Re-write Neural Pathways of Belief PDF

Quiet Your Mind Exercise – Audio
technique with details

Quiet Your Mind – Audio
technique only


Tap into Your Higher Self

You will be effortlessly guided to open the door to connect with the wisdom of your higher self and those of the angelic realm.

Shift to Love

No matter what your life looks like right now, you will be gently guided to shift your energy to love. This method works with everything – relationships and life situations.

Clear Your Chakras with the Healers of the Light

The Healers of the Light gently join you to clear away trauma and fear debris from your Chakras. Music by Dan McClerren

Cleanse & Clear

Cleanse and clear physical world fear from your mind, body and spirit under the angelic waterfall. Music by Stacey Parnum

Healing Circle of Love – INTRO

Learn how Kate received this blessed tool from Princess Diana and Mother Teresa.

Healing Circle of Love Meditation

You will learn how to work with your angels to shift from a vibration of fear to that of love to heal relationships and life situations. When you shift your energetic vibration within to the higher frequency of love, your external reality will shift also. NOTE: This loving process works for EVERYTHING!

Full Programs

Meet Your Worry Angel Program – Webinar

Meet Your Worry Angel Program – audio

Receive and Understand Messages from Your Angels – Webinar

Receive and Understand Messages from Your Angels – audio


Communicate with Your Angels – Self Study Course

Communicating with Your Angels Intro – audio
Stepping into Our Connection – audio
Angel Writing – audio
Angel Journaling – audio
Fully Supported – audio


Disconnect the Cords to Heal the Wounds of Your Heart

Get step-by-step guidance to identify, face, disconnect and heal negative, painful energy that is blocking to you.

Track-One-Intro-Preparation – audio
Track-Two-Grounding-and-Reveal – audio
Track-Three-Disconnecting-the-Cords – audio
Track-Four-The-Shift-to-Love – audio


Affirmations: Your Passport to Happiness Webinar

Become an Affirmation Rock Star when you learn the power of affirmations with Dr. Anne Marie Evers and Kate.

Affirmations, Your Passport to Happiness – audio
Magic-Magnetic-Circle – PDF
Master-Affirmation-Contract – PDF

Master Loving Relationships – from Family to Work and Everything in Between

Relationships are not about other people – they’re about us. Get step-by-step guidance to master relationships from family to work and everything in between.

Master Loving Relationships: from family to work and everything in between! – audio

Create & Live Your Version of Heaven on Earth Webinar

Love is the most powerful, magnetic force in the universe and is what creates our heaven on earth. Get step-by-step guidance to shift your energy to love.

Create-Heaven-On-Earth-Foundation – audio
The-Healing-Power-of-Love – audio
Love-To-Self – audio
Love-To-Without – audio

The Gift of Forgiveness

Forgiveness does not condone behavior – it’s the gift we give ourselves. This program guides you to build a safe place to forgive in all directions of time.

Track-1-The-Power-of-Forgiveness – audio
Track-2-Facing-Unforgiveness – audio
Track-3-Identifying-Hidden-Unforgiveness – audio
Track-4-The-Gift-of-Forgiveness-Guided-Journey – audio
Track-5-Forgiveness-is-Yours – audio

Angels & Full Moon Energy Reveal: Your Pathway to Miracles – Webinar

During this extraordinary program, the angels and I share with you how to flow with the Full Moon energy and manage this energy to access Miracle Consciousness.

Angels & Full Moon Energy Reveal Your Pathway to Miracles – audio

Angels & New Moon Energy Reveal: Access to Your Prosperity Portal – Webinar

The angels and I will show you how to access your portal of prosperity to propel you forward with the flow of the new moon’s energy!

Access Your Prosperity Portal ~ with Angels & New Moon Energy – audio

Message from Kate

If you’re new to Florence’s teachings, you’re in for an exciting ride!

If you’re old friends with her, you’ll love this guided meditation to connect with her spiritual essence.

The first Game of Life Mastery Program I presented – based on the first Game of Life Workbook (that was well over 300 pages long…)  I was SO Nervous….  This was my first LIVE presentation – way before my radio show.

I was a freaked out “newbie”.

There I was sitting at my desk, counting down the minutes to our first LIVE virtual program, sweat running down both sides of my body…

When I noticed Florence’s spiritual energy sitting on the end of my desk.

She was casually filling her nails.

Florence to the rescue!  I started laughing and immediately began to calm down – which was her goal.

Time counted down, the program started, and it was fabulous!

As I continued to teach with Florence’s spiritual energy, she began to not only “sit in” on the classes, she also began to participate during meditations and connecting with our angelic team.  Then one day I introduced her spiritual energy to everyone in the virtual class and each person received a personal, private message from her.

Now you can work with her more easily, too.

This simple, guided meditation will introduce you to her spiritual energy. 

Don’t be surprised if you discover her energy is very familiar because she’s already been working with you!

Hugs, love and light,

Lynette Turner – Dream Expert

More about Lynette

We process healing fear that has been suppressed for years while awake and also while sleeping. This process can produce dreams that are uncomfortable. Lynette shares with us how to work with our dream guides and ask questions about our dreams to heal through them more easily.

Lynette Turner is an Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister, Positivoligist, Angelspeake Facilitator and Dream Interpretation Expert – having studied at Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming. Lynette is also the author of The 10 Be’s of Positivity.

If you would like help with your dreams, click into Lynette’s website to learn more about her and schedule a private session with her: www.positivebliss.com

Lynette also officiates weddings and other ceremonies.  To learn more go to:  www.WeddingsByLynette.com

Rachel Keene – Spiritual and Healing Expert

More about Rachel

Rachel is integrity and compassion in human form. She has perfected holding the safe space for her clients to understand the wisdom within them to heal from the inside out. Her master skills include:

* Clean Slate healing session while awake or asleep!
* Direct Channel for Eir Healing
* Past Life Regression
* Tailored to You – VIP half day
* Life Coaching
* Anxiety Therapy
* Hypnotherapy
* Reiki Healing
* Chakra Balancing
* Ethereal Crystal Therapy
* One-to-One Teaching
* Mediumship Excellence Workshops
* One-to-One Psychic Development
* Ethereal Crystal Healing Practitioner Courses
* Working with Crystals Workshop
* Wishing Moon Workshop

“When I need spiritual guidance from a human source, Rachel is who I go to. You’ll love her, too!”
~ Kate

To learn more about Rachel’s gifts to humanity and schedule your special session with her, click into her website: www.RachelKeene.co.uk